There are six varieties of Dachshund (Teckel): of soft hair, of long hair and of hard hair, each one of these it is in standard and in miniature. At the moment, these copies are good known for the name of one of their varieties: Teckel. The Dachshund descends of the oldest races in German hunt dogs, as the Bibarhund, and it is known that it existed a long time ago, in the XVI century. It was raised to enter in the burrows, like they know many owners of these dogs that... they have to fix the garden for their blame! It has been said that the English inability of translating the name Dachshund was the cause that it was classified in the group of the Hounds instead of in that of the Terriers, and in him it has remained up to now. The queen Victoria from England was the first person that had one in that country, in 1839. The following year, when he/she married the prince Alberto from Germany, this was taken more to Great Britain and then it won popularity. They were exhibited in Great Britain in 1866 and they were given category of race in 1873. The English Society of the Dachshund was formed in 1881, it was the first society of this type in the world. The Society of the Dachshund of America was formed in 1895. There was originally only a variety, that of soft hair whose paws with the wrinkled skin are a characteristic that now leave a little. That of hair five pesetas appeared for the introduction of the Dandie Dinmont and the blood of other Terriers, while that of long hair was formed incorporating the German Stober, a hunt dog, to a crossing between the Dachshund of flat hair and the Spaniel. 
Character and Sport and loyal cares, the Dachshund is an excellent company animal and a good guardian dog, with a surprisingly strong bark for its size. He/she can walk quite big distances whenever they are trained for it from an early age. That of short hair is easy to clean, he/she only needs him to be passed a mitten for dogs to newspaper and a soft cloth. Those of hard hair and long hair should be brushed with a brush of hard sow and also hairstyles.



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