There are three varieties with this name: the Dachsbracke, the Westphalian Dachsbracke and the Dachsbracke of the mountains of Erz. The first one has their origins in the Austrian Alps, the western Westphalian of Germany, and the variety of the mountains of In he/she originated in these mountains, in Bohemia. All are exemplary of short paws of local Hounds of longer paws or bracos that were crossed with Dachshunds. Heavier and of longer paws that the Dachshunds. They are used for the hare, the fox and another hunt in the mountains, raking and locating their pieces for the scent. The Dachsbracke and the variety of the mountain of In they are similar of size but they differ in the color, while that of Westphalia is smaller. 
Character and cares 
The Dachsbrackes is some small Hounds of considerable resistance and ability to hunt. They have good temperament and they are good company animals in spite of being prone to make holes in the garden and to that their bark is something high. They need a lot of exercise and they should be cleaned with a mitten for dogs.


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