Coton of Tuléar

The Coton of Tuléar is a member of the family Bichón. Their ascendancies arrived at Madagascar and the near islands in the ships of merchants before the XVII century, and of these cared dogs it arose, in the Island Meeting, the Coton of Meeting. This is extinguished at the moment, but their descendants in Madagascar were developed through a program of reproduction of crossings, including the introduction of the Maltese. This produced the acquaintance at the moment as Coton of Tuléar for the city of Tuléar in Madagascar. The small Coton was given to know as the dog of the royalty because it was the favorite of the French nobility that inhabited the islands during the colonial time. For example, before the XX century it was a criminal offense that a plebeian had in property one of these dogs, and until today's day the highest stratum in the society of Madagascar is only the quite fortunate thing as to have a Tuléar. It is still comparatively strange although he/she is settling down gradually so much in Great Britain like in USA 
Character and cares 
The Coton of Tuléar is a happy, friendly and intelligent dog, very faithful to its owners with those that he likes to be. One of their nicer qualities is their ability to walk with their back paws. It can adapt to most of the climates and atmospheres, and it requires alone a daily brushing and a half exercise.
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