Corgis Wales




The Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a favorite of the British royalty, he/she has worked at least to the south of Wales from the times of the Domesday book, instigated by Guillermo him Conqueror in the XI century. Their work was to control the movement of the bovine livestock nibbling its paws, that which an innate characteristic as many protectors has discovered from the British real family to its coast. Have been introduce in Wales by the flamenco weavers who settled in the area and they crossed their own dogs with the local, or it can descend of the Swedish Vallhund. The Welsh Corgi Cárdigan, stranger, with a similar history to that of the most popular Pembroke, is said that he/she has a more balanced temperament. He/she is distinguished at once of the Pembroke of cut line for their populated fox line. The Welsh Corgis was exhibited for the first time in Great Britain in 1930 and they received different classification in 1934. Both have the groups of exhibitors and more careful and dedicated followers of the United Kingdom; and their classes are almost invariably of high standard. 
Character and cares 
The Corgis is small extremely active, faithful, and usually good dogs with the children. They are good guardians, and excellent for exhibitions and competitions of obedience. They have tendency to put on weight if they don't make the enough exercise, and their resistant mantels to the water they need brushing newspaper.


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