Cocker Spaniel of England

To the Cocker Spaniel was also called the Cocker “happy” for its line in movement. He/she is native from Spain (the word spaniel comes from Spanish that means in fact that: Spanish). The spaniels is known from the XIV century and they were used in falconry. In the XIX century, he/she passed to lift partridges and smaller hunt, and it became well-known as the cocking or Cocker Spaniel. Recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1892, the Cocker English Spaniel is still the smallest Spaniel inside the group of hunt dogs. He/she is a favorite competitor in the tests of obedience and of work as well as in the ring. It reached a great fame in the anuses previous to the second world war when the famous ones “Of Ware” Kennels of Mr. H.S. Lloyd the valuable Best won in Show, in the Crufts, in London, in not less than six occasions. These kennels continue taking them at the moment their daughter. Character and taken care   
It is a kind and educated company animal, at the same time that a dog of hunt of first class, dedicated to both things: to get up and to get paid. He/she needs a careful brushing and hairstyle every day, it is necessary to have a lot of care in removing him mud that you can have been in their feet or ears. Some proprietors fasten him the ears with a clip when he/she is eating. 

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