American Cocker Spaniel 

The name of Cocker American Spaniel is derived of the predilection of the English Cockers for cocking, or to hunt partridges. Era of Spanish origin, but for the Cocker ameriéano poaemos we go back until the called English female Obo Obo, taken from England to EE. UU around 1880. The Engltsh Cocker Spaniel Club of America, formed in 1935, helped to establish the race. He/she is distinguished for their short stature (appropriate to hunt the slightest birds in the New World) shorter head and extremely dense mantel. It is the smallest hunt dog in EE UU, and more popular of the country, it was recognized by the AKC in 1946 as Cocker American Spaniel. During many years the American Cocker was shown exclusively in the ring. Recently, however, it has introduced the the competitions again. 
Character and taken care   
The American Cocker has a thicker mantel that English and it shines something similar to some elegant pants. It is an useful hunt dog for everything that so much can rise as getting paid. It is popular in the exhibitions, excellent company animal and usually good with the children. He/she needs a lot of exercise, daily toilet with brush and comb, and, if he/she is wanted to exhibit, a quite complicated arrangement using scissors and electric clipper.

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