Clumber Spaniel 

The Clumber is the heaviest in the Spaniels, with the Basset one and the now extinct alpine Spaniel among its ascendancies. It is a dog of trust, slow but sure, in general confined to rural areas where it is excellent lifting pieces in uneven land and I eat collector. Favorite of the British royalty, the Clumber has a romantic history. In the years previous to the Revolution French file promoted by the duke of Noailles and it became famous as searcher and collector. At the beginning of the hostilities the French duke took his dogs to England and it trusted them to the duke of Newcastle Clumber Park, near Nottingham, of where he took his name. The French duke found his death in the Revolution but the race survived, in its aristocratic master's desert memory. 
Character and cares 
He/she has good temperament for what can be had as company animal but their ideal paper is as hunt dog in the field. He/she needs a quite nice brushing and it is necessary to be careful that he doesn't have left mud among the fingers.
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