Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is the only dog with a blue language, a characteristic that shares with some small bears. This member of the family Spitz seemed a lion has been known in its Chinese it would originate during more than 2.000 years. It was raised by several reasons, their meat, their skin and I eat hunter, their name possibly derives of the Dog Chinese hunter of Choo. It is said that it was the one. original mastiff of you lick them Tibetan, and it is also spoken of him in very early Chinese writings referring to the Dog tartar and the Dog of the barbarians. The first Chow Chow Great Britain cared in 1760 was exhibited in a zoo. In l895, he/she was formed the Society of the Chow there Chow and in 1905 the first member was exported from the race to America. This was Chinese Chum of Mrs. Gamett Botfield that in 1905, it was the first champion Chow American Chow. In 1936, the champion of Mrs. V. A. Mavynoóch, Choonam Hung Kwong, won the title of the best of the Sample in the Crufts Dog Show. He/she had 44 Challenge British Certificates and it was valued then in the immense sum of 5.300 pounds. 
Character and taken care   
The Chow Chow has always had a reputation of ferocity but, although he/she is a formidable opponent, it is strange that it attacks unless it is caused. It is a faithful dog and without scent, good company animal, although he/she prefers to have a single person like master, he/she needs him to be taken with stability but with kindness. A good walk every day it will be enough, but the mantel requires considerable attention with a metallic brush. This active, intelligent dog and I wake up it is independent, although the devotion to its human family is a characteristic of the race. The German Spitz can adapt to the life in the city or in the field, he/she needs a vigorous brushing newspaper and a good quantity of exercise. If he/she is not watched over, he/she has tendency to give sharp barks.

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