Chin Japonés

There are two theories on the origins of the Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel. One is that he/she has their origin in the dogs of Pekinese type taken to Japan by the Zen Buddhist monks around the 500, and the other one is that it descends of the dogs lap correspondents as gift in the year 732 to the Japanese emperor from Korea. It is not different from the Pekinese, but he/she has the longest paws and it is slighter. Be which are their ascendancies, during more than 1.000 years it has been a favorite of the Japanese emperors who you/they decreed that they should be adored. It is said that small Chins was sometimes placed in hanging cages as company birds. Two Japanese Chins was introduced to the British queen Victoria for the commodore Perry, an American naval commandant, to its turn of the distant one this in 1.853. First he/she appeared in the British ring in 1862 and, about 20 years later, it began to be exhibited in EE UU. 
Character and cares 
With certain resemblance to the King Charles Spaniel, the Chin is a popular exhibition dog but he/she is had with less frequency like company animal. It is attractive, strong good with the children. It requires a half quantity of exercise, few cares except a daily brushing with a brush of natural sow. As other races dc snub nose, he/she should not get tired too much in a very hot climate because it could suffer breathing problems. 

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