The Chihuahua, the smallest dog in the world, takes his name of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico and some believe that it was sacred among the Aztecs. However, a similar dog to the Chihuahua, very well it could have existed 3.000 years ago in Egypt. In 1910, a zoologist, K. Fiaddon, described the mummified remains of a small dog in an Egyptian tomb, which had the soft point in the skull, characteristic in these animals. Chihuahuas has been known in Malt, during many centuries that arrived from the north of África around the year 600 aC, and Botticelli's cool air (c. 1482) in the Chapel Sixtina in Rome includes the representation of a company animal that is clearly a Chihuahua. These first Chihuahuas was lightly bigger and they had the biggest ears that the modern ones that could be the result of a crossing with the Chinese crestado without hair. 
Character and taken care   
There are two varieties of Chihuahuas, that of short hair and that of long hair, this last one has a hair of soft texture that can be flat lightly wavy. During a time it was normal for those of short hair and I release to cross for what both varieties appeared in the same litters, but this crossing is no longer allowed. The first Chihuahua that registered in EE UU was Midget in 1904, and it became very popular there. In Great Britain they were still, in comparison, strange of seeing in the years 50, but now there are many competing in the exhibitions. The Chihuahua is extremely intelligent, affectionate, possessive, and a good guardian in miniature. Although it is generally thought that it is a lap dog, he/she can walk as much as their owners they want. It is necessary to be careful when he/she is taken out that a since fight doesn't begin he/she seems to believe that it is enormous when he/she faces other dogs. It is not expensive of maintaining, and so much those of long hair, as those of short hair are easy to clean, only needing a hairstyle and a daily brushing with a soft brush. 

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