Caniche Toy

The origin of the Caniche Toy is exactly the same as that of its bigger relative, the standard Caniche, since is a descendant of the Caniche miniature. There was so much demand of the smallest copies that, by the middle of [you fifty, the UK Kennel CIub decided to open a different registration for them. Nevertheless, they are the less strong of the three varieties, for what is essential to choose of a good litter. 
Character and taken care   
The Caniche Toy has the same characteristics and standard for the competition that the biggest Caniches, except in the size. It is cheerful, of good character and a charming company animal for the one that lives in an apartment but enjoyment having a canine partner. The toy is exhibited with the same court that the other two varieties. Anyway he/she will need regular visits to the canine beauty parlor. Use a brush of metallic spikes and a metallic comb for the daily toilet.


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