Caniche Miniatura

The Caniche miniature was raised starting from the standard one, presumably using the smallest copies, and its time he/she interpreted its part in the production of the even smaller Caniche Toy. During the years 50 the Caniche miniature was the most popular race in many countries because it was thought mistakenly that as it increased people's number that emigrated to the TO cities, the interest in the work races it would diminish. This finally was not this way, and while there are people that says that it is not really a dog - without a doubt because their origins like hunt dog and collector don't know in the water - the Caniche miniature continues being a favorite one. 
Character and taken care   
The Caniche miniature has the same standard paw the competitions that the biggest and small races in the family, except if we speak of size, and he/she has characteristic similar. It requires regular and frequent visits to the canine beauty parlor, even but you he/she has intention of exhibiting it. Use a brush and a comb with the metallic spikes for the daily toilet.




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