Well-known in France like Caniche, era the French queen's one of the favorite ones María Antonieta (1755-1793). it Arose in Germany like collector for the water or Pudel in alert he/she resembles the Irish dog of waters, and both have as ancestor common to the French Barbet. 
Character and taken care   
The standard Caniche continues maintaining its abilities like hunt dog and anything well. Their intelligence and desires of learning the they make very popular in the competitions of obedience and for the circus. 
Cheerful, of good temperament and vivacious, it is a good company animal that enjoys with a good quantity of exercise. It is also good for the exhibitions whenever you have time for a complicated preparation. While it is exhibited with the lion cut, many proprietors prefer the lamb cut (with the mantel of a long uniform). Without caring the style that you choose, he/she will need a brush and a metallic comb for the daily toilet. The caniches that are had as simple company animals should even go to the beauty parlor every six weeks. 



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