Cairn Terrier

This popular Scottish terrier, or one very similar, it has been known and used to put an end to the small animals during 150 years or more. It was named this way by the cairns (it names Scottish that means a mound or pile of stones) that often hid small animals. The Cairn Terrier originated in the West of the High Lands where it is very well-known the Skye Terrier. It seems that a certain confusion has existed among these races during a time, and the Cairn, mainly of work it used to be known as the Skye Terrier of short hair. The lineage older acquaintance of Cairn Terriers is the one been founded by the captain MacLeod of Drynoch in the island of Skye. Mr. John MacDonald, forester of the MacLeod in the Castle Dunvegan during more than 40 years, it maintained I live this lineage. He/she appeared for the first time in the ring in 1909, and now it is known and admired all over the world. Nevertheless, as the Border Terrier, one usually sees more in the north of England and in their native Scotland. 
Character and taken care   
This intelligent and vivacious small Terrier of work continues demonstrating its it was worth to disperse to the small ones animal and it is also a popular and affectionate company animal. It is strong and he/she enjoys exercising a lot of although it can adapt to most of the situations. The Cairn is easy to exhibit, he/she needs few cares brushing part, hairstyle and to remove him the spare hair that would make him seem excessively feathery.

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