The proud ancestors of the Bulldog can go back until the Molussus, the old fight dog that he/she takes their name of an old Greek tribe, the Molossi. As he/she suggests their name it was raised to fight against the bulls. As they count, this sport began in Great Britain around 1204, when lord Stamford of Lincolnshire in England saw, and he/she had a good time him a lot, to the dog of a butcher tormenting a bull. This gave him the idea of giving a field in which those could be developed. fights with bull with the condition that the butcher gave a bull a year for the competition. Later, fight places settled down in several parts of Great Britain where they also fought dogs against dogs. When they became illegal the fights against bulls in 1835, the Bulldog was in extinction danger. Fortunately, however, a certain Mr. Bilí continuous George raising Bulldogs and, in 1875, he/she was formed the first society specialized in the race, well-known as Bulldog Club Incorporated. To this it continued him in 1891 the London Bulldog Society that continues maintaining their encounter yearly in the Crufts Dog Show. 
Character and taken care   
In spite of their terrible appearance, the bulldog is an affectionate and kind dog. He/she adores the children and it is a stupendous company animal. The only treatment that requires is a daily brushing with a hard brush and to rub it next. It is necessary to be careful that doesn't get tired too much when it is hot.   

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