French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, with their distinctive ears of bat and gnarled line, he/she has had many famous proprietors that go from the king Eduardo VII of England to the French novelist Colette. He/she is obviously a descendant of the small Bulldogs, but it is not known if English dogs that were taken to France by those who made fittings of Nottingham in the XIX century, or dogs taken to France from Spain were. It is accepted more, in general that their ancestros is the small English Bulldog, in spite of the discovery of an old brass badge with a dog of an unquestionable resemblance to the French Bulldog and in the one that one reads: “Bulldog of Burgos, Spain 1630 “. he/she was formed a society of French Bulldog in Great Britain in 1902 and, in 1912, the race was accepted by the British Kennel Club. For 1913 it had gotten 100 participants in the Westminster Dog Show in New York. Character and taken care   
The dogs of this race are popular, of easy exhibition, and charming partners. By nature it is good, affectionate and valiant, and it is usually taken very well with the children and with the other company animals. The proprietors should get used to the slight noise that makes when breathing, and to keep in mind that when he/she quarrels him, invariably he/she will cry. The Frenchie is easy to dress up, it only requires a daily brushing and to rub it with a silk handkerchief, or a towel piece, so that it shines him the mantel. The facial pleats should be lubricated to avoid wounds. 
Warning: This animal of snub nose should not be forced to exercise when it is hot. 

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