Bull Terrier

Some consider to this cup like the portrait of the ugliness, while other, they only have admiration for the Bull Terrier that is described poetically in their standard as "The gladiator of the canine race". The Bull Terrier began being a fight dog and it was the result of crossing an Old English Bulldog with a Terrier. The first ones resembled the Staffordshire a lot but then they added it to him Dalmatian and possibly other blood. Much of the work to refine it was carried out by James Hinks of Birmingham; England, in the XIX century. It crossed so that white fuleran and they were it invariably. until after the second world war, when they appeared of different colors. 
Character and taken care   
If you like bulls, he/she will adore the Bull Terrier. In spite of their appearance of fierceness and it forces it is an animal of faithful and very loyal company. The female, in particular, is of total trust with the children. Nevertheless, it is too strong for those who don't have the physical capacity to manage it, he/she also needs a careful training. Their short and flat mantel is easy to take care of . 


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