There have been dogs bull in Great Britain from the XIII century, but the Bullmastín you has developed for about 300 years. It is the result of a crossing among the Mastiff, an old race that fought in the sands of the old Rome, and the English Bulldog. As to the Bulldog, he/she was used in the fights with bulls until this sport returned illegal. It was a valiant fight dog that it could support the pain without being reduced. He/she also had a great reputation for their ferocity. Later the breeders directed their work toward a type that was 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. The resulting Bullmastín was registered by the Kennel Club of Great Britain in 1924. 
Character and taken care   
In spite of their ferocious past, the Bullmastín of nowadays it is a playful animal, faithful and kind, an excellent and usually very sure guardian with the children. Nevertheless, it is too powerful so that it controls it a boy or a weak adult, and they should only have it the owners of dogs with experience. He/she needs him to be dressed up every several days.  


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