Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany, formerly well-known as Brittany Spaniel, is the only Spaniel of the world that points out the hunt. It is good for the partridge although it will also charge ducks. It is believed that the first copies appeared in Spain or in the forests of Argoat in Britain, it has also been suggested that it can descend of a red and white English Setter and a Breton female. The English hunters liked go to hunt partridges to Britain and they took to their dogs with them, presumably before the quarantine laws that exist today in day. It was exhibited for the first time in Paris in 1900 and it was recognized officially in France in 1905. The standard got ready in 1907 and he/she lost temper in 1908. 
Character and taken care   
He/she has an excellent olfaction and he/she needs him to be taken with kindness. It is relatively new in Great Britain, but he/she has made it well in field tests in EE UU. He/she needs a brushing daily and a lot of exercise.  

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