The Briard or Berger of Brie, are the good known of the French shepherd dogs, the other ones are the Beauce, Roguery and that of the Pinfleos. The Briard is supposed the one that came to Europe with the Asian invaders before the end of the Half Age, together with other races shepherds like the Hungarian Komondor, the Kuvasz and the Russian Owtcharka that have a similar constitution. Them Amis du Briard was formed around 1900 when it was profiled kind of a standard. However, it was not approved up to 1930 and he/she changed in 1930. The Society of the Briard was formed around 1928. For then he/she was already known in other parts of the world, partly for their work in the I exercise French during the first world war, when it loaded ammunition and era used by the Red Cruz. It is generally believed that it was introduced in EE UU during the XVIII century, possibly for the marquis of Lafayette or Thomas Jefferson. The first litter registered in the AKC in 1922. 
Character and cares 
The Briard is kind and a good company animal and of farm, whenever he/she has the enough space. It is good with the children, intelligent and without fear. It is a race that is proud of cleaning to itself, but he/she needs a regular brushing. As all the dogs shepherds, he/she needs a lot of exercise, and it is not to pleasure in a reduced space.

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