German Braco

The news on the history of the German Braco go back to the XVII century in Prussia, where, apparently, it was used in the hunt with old weapons. In that time they are not still spoken gotten a homogeneity and a perfect function; most of the copies presented notables differences as for size and texture of the coat. The influence of the Bloodhound contributed him a finer olfaction and a shorter hair. Even so, the German Braco was a heavier dog that the current one until, at the end of the XIX century, it was crossed with British sample dogs, especially the Pointer, and a bigger slenderness was achieved. The case was given then that two bracos types existed: the slight one and the heavy one, Great call German Braco. The crossing of both varieties gave origin with the step from the time to the current German Braco. It is a harmonious dog in which the forms guarantee resistance, energy and speed. The group of the lines is of great nobility, the dry head, the line of behavior nobleman, the tense skin and the brilliant hair. The skeleton must be strong, since he/she should work in all kinds of lands and he/she will need more the strength that a great span, although a too thick skeleton would hinder its mobility and speed. 
Character and Cares 
As he/she wants that it is very near races to each other, the care and maintenance of the German bracos is similar for all them. In the first place, it is necessary that they develop a potent musculature and some strong tendons, since their habitual task of hunters requires this way it. The feeding should be very careful, with a balanced diet that includes good dose of calcium and match and a contribution enough vitamínic. In what refers under the care of the coat, the German Braco doesn't present any specially complicated problem; a review from time to time with a special rubber glove for dogs of flat hair will be enough.

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