Bouvier of Flandres

The Bouvier gives Flandres or Dog Belgian shepherd is of origin, like it could be expected, of the area of Flanders, among the valley of the river Lys and the coast. This hairy dog seems the portrait of the ferocity in his homeland, where traditionally they are cut the ears. He/she was raised for the farm mixing multiple work races with the purpose of developing a good dog for everything, and he/she was used to hunt in uneven lands, as shepherd, cowherd, protector and guardian. It was spoken of a possible standard in 1912, but he/she didn't go until after the first world war, when it was traced and I assigned one for the Society National Belgian of the Bouvier you give Flandres. 
Character and taken care   
The Bouvier gives Flandres it can be quite fierce, but he/she has a calm and sensible temperament, and it is intelligent, worker and of trust. It is extremely loyal to their family and he/she is trained easily. Nevertheless, he/she needs a lot of exercise and brushing to regulate. Their appearance somehow terrible it contradicts their good character. He/she is had in general as company animal or of exhibition.


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