Bouvier of Ardennes

The Bouvier gives Ardennes or Dog shepherd of the Ardennas is one of the many bouviers or cowherds that were developed to keep to the flocks of bovine and to direct them to the market. During many years, these drivers of rough mantel, they were not classified, but they were begun to raise selectively and they became known by the name of their origin district. The Bouvier gives Ardennes, called this way by a high forest area in the southeast of Belgium, it also drove pigs and he/she is still used often for this task. 
Character and cares 
This indefatigable and intelligent work dog is happy in a wide, open land. It is an animal of severe, coarse aspect and always in guard that spreads to maintain the far away strangers, but it is obedient and very affectionate with their owner. He/she needs a regular brushing with a sow brush or metallic. He/she has an enormous and quite short head and yellow eyes.

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