Boston Terrier

The Terrier of Boston, formerly BuIl Terrier; American, it derives of the mixture Bulldog Terrier that was taken EE UU from Great Britain in 1865. That of Tom Barnard, first copy of the race with the gnarled line, it was raised in Boston, Massachussets, and registered in the American Kennet Club én 1893. the race takes its name of the city where it was developed. 
Character and taken care   
It is I live, intelligent and an affectionate company animal for the family. It is easy to take care and he/she needs little grooming. Nevertheless, it is difficult to obtain a copy for the competition with the appropriate marks ideally, I nuzzle white, even a white stain for above in the head that lowers for the neck, chest and front paws below the elbows of the elected copy to be exhibited.


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