The noble Borzoi or Wolf Russian Hound was used in Russia from the XVII century to hunt wolves and in the hunts, a sport between the czars and noblemen in the imperial Russia. The Borzoi raked the wolf. When being it, their task consisted on to take it for the neck and to throw it to the air, this way he/she ended with him finishing off him with a dagger. Originally there were several species, including the Borzoi sudanés, the turcoman Borzoi and the Borzoi tartar. However, it was the one developed in Russia the one that formed the base of the current standard, the other ones they are extinguished. It arrived in Great Britain by the middle of the XIX century and of there it passed America in 1889. Then in 1903, Mr. Joseph B. Thomas began directly to care them to EE UU from Russia, being his source the great duke Nicolás Romanoff. The Revolution in 1917 stopped its reproduction. Until ago very little, the information on the Borzoi in its homeland was very schematic. Now, the breeders in Russia seem anxious of cooperating in the export of their stock, there is a database of the Borzoi in Moscow, and one can obtain information of the Russian Cyndromic Association «Dromos» (section Borzoi). 
Character and taken care   
It has been made notice in Europe and America like an it encourages elegant, intelligent and loyal although something reserved, company animal and quite popular in the exhibitions. It is ideal as animal of a boy's company since is of temperament I calm down and sociable. He/she needs a considerable quantity of space and exercise, alone care should be had that, following its instincts hunters, don't attack flocks. Surprisingly, their mantel requires little attention. 


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