Border Terrier

This attractiveness although small dog arises in the border lands, in the limits between England and Scotland, and he is probably still seen over there in great number. The Border Terrier was raised by the middle of the XIX century to Run with the bloodhounds and its size also allowed him to take out the vixen of its burrow. Recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1920, it has been less wornout for the dictations of the fashions than many others. It has always been a work Terrier. When James Davidson wrote in 1800 that had bought “Two red demons of Terriers that had hard mantels and they attacked to all that moved”, have been describe the Border current Terrier. Character and taken care   
The smallest in the work Terriers, the Border is an animal of company of first class. He/she usually wants all the children, he/she has a long life, he/she will walk a lot more than what you/they can make it their owners and he/she is a good guardian. It requires little routine and alone toilet a slight arrangement before exhibiting it. 


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