Border Collie

The Border current Collie is a descendant of the hard-working Collies that you/they were had in the counties of the frontier between England and Scotland. It has participated in h championships of dogs shepherds from 1873, and it has been exported as such to everybody. Servant to resist and to direct, the Border has the natural instinct of driving, for what will bend over and he/she will run in circle when it is puppy and he/she will learn how to work imitating the other dogs with more experience. This Collie has also been made notice as incomparable competitor in agility and obedience. Before 1973, it was surely registered in the lines of the International Sheepdog Society, and their standard was approved in 1976 by the British Kennel Club. The popular Border now competes in tournaments of beauty and obedience in Great Britain. Hey the last 15 years, it has been chosen more and more as domestic animal, in spite of not being adapted for an existence that he/she doesn't offer an appropriate exit to their energy and intelligence. 
Character and taken care   
This hard-working loyalist needs a lot of exercise but only a regular toilet with brush of first and comb. It should be the advisable election for anyone that seeks to win competitions of obedience.


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