Bolognese Bichón

The Bolognese one or Bolognese Bichón are a member of the family Bichón, formed by small white dogs of the mediterranean area. It has been known that the mantel of the Boloña was white and black in the past, but now the black one is forbidden. The Italians claim that he/she is native of Boloña and it is grateful as an Italian race. It was centuries ago a favorite of the European royalty but at the moment he/she is seen little outside of Italy. 
Character and cares 
This company dog is serious, intelligent, not specially vivacious and it looks for to please his master. It only requires a small quantity of exercise but he/she needs a complicated arrangement and cutting of their mantel for the exhibitions, and when he/she is had as company animal to clean it with brush and comb to newspaper.

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