The Old English Sheepdog or Bobtail, like he/she is more often called, it has existed in Great Britain during centuries. It is believed that it was developed crossing the Briard with the Russian Owtcharka that in turn is with the dogs Hungarian shepherds. One of the first copies was depicted in a square of 1771 of Gainsborough. The society of the Bobtail was formed in Great Britain, in 1888, and its standard has changed very little from then on. In the past it was used as dog cowherd and to defend the flocks of sheep. At the beginning of the XVIII century, in Great Britain, shepherd's dogs were exempt of paying taxes, and their lines intersected to be able to identify them, of there the name of Bobtail In recent years has enjoyed a great popularity like company animal and for the exhibition, partly to their frequent appearances in publicity 
Character and taken care   
The Old English Sheepdog is kind, it is taken well with people, children and other animals. He/she has a sensible temperament and, whenever he/she has enough I space and train appropriately, it will be a splendid company animal. Nevertheless, the parents of small children that wanted a dog like that of television has been at some time with which this race was too much for them since is quite big, heavy and exuberant. The Bobtails is also popular as exhibition dogs but they require many hours of toilet before preparing them for these.  Cepillarlo with a steel comb once a week and with a brush daily. The hair combs himself forward until it covers the eyes. He/she needs walks of twenty minutes, twice a day.


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