The Bloodhound or Chien of Saint Hubert is one of the races of older Hounds. It is believed that it took it to Great Britain Guillermo the Conqueror in 1066, and the description of him made by the historian of dogs, doctor Ciaus, in 1553 differs very little of that of the dog that we know today. In general it is believed that the oldest predecessors in the Bloodhound were raised in Austria, in Mesopotamia, around the 2000 to the 1000 aC. Some of them. they were probably taken to the mediterranean regions by the merchants Phoenicians, and of there they extended toward the north for all Europe. A concentration of Hounds was developed in Britain in the centuries VII and VIII, of where the Saint arose Hubert that is believed that it was the direct predecessor of the Bloodhound. He/she has the best olfaction in all the domestic animals. Being able to follow a hint with a day of antiquity, he/she has been used to find lost people's hint as well as it hunts, once opposing their piece this kind animal doesn't kill her. To help to develop their abilities, the owners are made of a Club of Bloodhounds and they participate in what calls you Hunting the Clean Boot. The puppies learn soon as following a hint beginning playing with their owners to the hiding place. There are associations of Bloodhounds in many countries. 
Character and taken care   
Good with the children and very affectionate, the Bloodhound is an ideal partner for those that have the enough space to welcome him, the necessary energy to exercise it, and some neighbors that don't oppose you to its barks. It can be had in a house of half size whenever he/she is provided the appropriate exercise, but it is better in the rural means. It should be cleaned to newspaper with a mitten for dogs.


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