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Bichón Frisé

The word bichón is often used to describe from a collective way to white small dogs, as the Cotón of Tulear, Maltese, I Rubbed, Bolognese, and Havana. The Bichón Rubbed or “Bichón á poil Rubbed” (bichón of curly hair), or Dog of Tenerife, is considered that fué taken to Tenerife (in Islands Canaries); for sailors in the XIV century; however, as the Caniche, it is believed that he/she is a descendant of the French dog of waters, the Barbet, and their name comes from the diminutive, barbicho. Of similar aspect to the Caniche miniature, the Bichón Rubbed it is recognized internationally like a franc-Belgian race. It was introduced in AND UU in 1956 and it was registered by the Society Canine American in 1972. A section for the Bichón Rubbed it was included in the Crufts Dog Show of London in 1980.  Character and cares 
Cheerful, friendly and vivacious, it is a small company animal, attractiveness and finicky that will enjoy with so much exercise as they can give him most of the owners. Nevertheless, its long and curly mantel that seems a ball of powdering, tells us that it is not an appropriate election for the reticent ones to dress up it. The cuttings and arrangements that are required to get this form are complicated, and anyone that seeks to exhibit it should talk with the breeder about the cares that ésto will imply in the moment of the purchase. 

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