The Bergamasco or Dog shepherd bergamés is of square constitution, of half size, with hanging and soft ears, almond-shaped AND slanted eyes, and a quite rough, wavy long mantel. Their ancestors, almost with security include the very similar French Briard. Called this way by the city of Bérgamo in the north of Italy, the Bergamasco has worked during centuries in Italy, driving and keeping flocks. Unfortunately relatively few Italians dedicated to this work follow it using, or trying to perpetuate this good shepherd, for what there are not many. It is not very well-known outside of their native country and in fact he/she still has to be made notice in the rings of the world. 
Character and cares 
The Bergamasco is valiant, docile and a hard-working loyalist. As all the dogs shepherds he/she needs a lot of exercise. The strings of their mantel need to be separated by hand, brushed and combed. 
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