Bearded Collie

It is believed that the Bearded Collie is one of the dogs older shepherds of Scotland. Lowland descends of three Polish Sheep-dogs of pure race, a male and two females, exchanged by a ram and a sheep to some merchants that were in a trip of business in Scotland, in 1514. He/she was formed a society of this race in Edinburgh in 1912. In spite of this the Bearded CoIlie was in extinction danger in the years 40, but it was saved by Mrs.O.Willison of the Bothkennar kennels in Ayrshire, Scotland. A female Bearded obtained without pedigree in 1944 and it began to look for a male. Accidentally he/she found one playing in the beach in Hove, East Sussex, with their owners who decided to be sold it. All the Bearded current Collies descends of this couple. 
Character and taken care   
The Beardie is a dog that is always in day, insurance and active, of good temperament and of trust with the children. It is a good company animal, and one of first class for cia. and exhibitions. He/she enjoys with a lot of exercise, and it requires a daily brushing, a slight hairstyle and an occasional bathroom. 

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