This small Hound has existed at least in Great Britain from Enrique's reign VIII (1509-1547). Its daughter Isabel I of England (1533-1603) he/she had numerous Beagles, some of which were so small that they could enter in the pocket for what I/you/they were known as Beagíes of Pocket (at the moment extinct). it is often known as “Beagle singer” but it is not noisy at home, reserving its voice for the hunt. In Great Britain he/she is follower to hunt hare and rabbit, although he/she has been used for the wild pig and the deer in Scandinavia, and for the hare of white line in USA In this country and in Canada so much works as face dog looking for as getting paid. He/she is also an ideal partner and it was the most popular dog in USA in 1954.Carácter and taken care   
This affectionate, resolved and healthy dog usually has a long life and it is good with the children. It is good paw the exhibitions, and a great election like company animal for those that don't demand an exemplary behavior. It is not in fact known by their obedience and, as other Hounds, at once it will take out advantage to an open door, possibly arriving at certain distance. Their short mantel and raincoat needs very few attentions, and only a half exercise when he/she is had as company animal. 

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