Basset Hound

In common with certain copies of the family of the Greyhounds, dogs Basset type are represented in the Egyptian tombs of the old ones by that that obviously have existed during a lot of time. Nevertheless, the Basset Hound is quite recent, since it was developed in Great Britain at the end of the XIX century. It was raised starting from the Basset Artésien Normand French crusader with the Bloodhound to get a slow but sure dog that was used to follow the rake of rabbits and hares. The Basset Artésien Normand arrived first in Great Britain in 1866 when the count of Tournow sent a couple, called later Basset and Belle, to lord Galway. In 1872 a bait taken place by them was acquired by lord Gnslow, its group increased with more imports from France. The best Basset British Hounds descends of this stock. 
Character and taken care   
At the moment one has in general as partner, company animal and it stops exhibitions. It is a charming animal that is taken well with the children, but he/she needs a lot of exercise. He/she has the sweet voice and it is an excellent bloodhound, he/she also has tendency to wander, for what the barriers are necessary if he/she has one. It requires a daily toilet with the mitten for dogs and, in the writer's opinion, it is not adapted for a hot climate. One of the saddest images that have seen was a Basset Hound in that atmosphere.

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