Basset Fauve

The Basset Fauve of Bretagne is native from Britain, in the northwest of France it was developed starting from the Basset Grifón Vendéen and other Bassets of short paws to follow rakes in moors and other uneven lands, where it is quick and active The king Francisco I of France (1515-1547) it maintained a pack of these hunters of fox of first class, but by the middle of the XIX century this dog type was practically extinguished, possibly due to its, somehow, impetuous temperament and in spite of its certain courage. Resemblance to a Dachshund of rough, bigger hair apparently, this Hound has big and hanging ears, a rough and very dense mantel and you are described as “a plump one”. it has granted Him a temporary standard the British Kennel Club in cough last seven years and it is winning impulse gradually in the British ring of exhibitions. Character and taken care   
This bloodhound of short paws and rough mantel has courage and a good olfaction. He/she needs a great quantity of exercise and, however their mantel rough very few attentions. 


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