Grand Bleu of Gascogne

The Grand Bleu of Gascogne has fame for its ability to find a non recent hint. It descends of the Bloodhounds of the pre-Roman time and of the old Saint Hubert developed by the count of Foix, Gaston Phoebus in the XIV century, became a favorite of the French king Enrique IV (1553-1610) who had a pack. Although this aristocratic animal is higher and slighter than many other, it is very strong, he has a great resistance and a strong and melodious voice. It was excellent hunting wolves to who it pursued until the extinction. They were probably the French investigators those that took it to U.S in the XVII century, and, in 1785, the general Lafayette gave a small pack to George Washington who also raised them. They were crossed with other American Hounds to procreate a race with better capacity to follow a hint and bigger resistance. 
Character and cares 
The Grand Bleu of Gascogne has a calm and friendly temperament. Nevertheless, he/she needs a great quantity of exercise and it is not do like company animal. It should be cleaned regularly and the toilet of its long ears should frequently be checked.

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