Akita Inu

The Akita (or Akita Inu or Shishi Inu) it is internationally inside the Japanese races the biggest and the good known one. He/she originated in the polar regions and he/she has a history that goes back to more than 300 years. It was raised to hunt deer and boars, although it has also hunted, occasionally, to the Japanese black bear. It is a dog that moves extremely quick and that he/she can work in snow of great thickness. He/she also has the webbed feet and he/she is a strong swimmer, with the ability to charge ducks and to drive fish to the nets of the fishermen. The Akita is revered in Japan, where he/she was named national monument officially in 1931 to conserve the race, and more recently he/she has been represented in a commemorative series of stamps. The Japanese Federation of Dogs granted him the prize, with the Japanese government's auspices, of National Treasure. In fact, during a time they could only have this classic race the members of the Japanese nobility. Their international popularity began when the American soldiers took it to him from turn to its country, after the second world war. 
  Character and cares 
The Akita, Full with force and easy to train, he/she is a hunter and versatile collector, and a guardian of first class. He/she has good temperament for the exhibitions and now he/she is had, in general, as company animal. Nevertheless, this dog full with energy and I wake up it should not be had confined. It can be formidable if they are wakened up their hunter instincts and he/she needs a good exit, as for example classes of obedience, for their certain abilities. He/she also needs a daily brushing and a quantity of reasonable exercise.




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