Airedale Terrier

The Airedale is the king of the Terriers, being the biggest member in the group. Originally well-known file As Waterside Terrier and sometimes also as Bingley Terrier, took the name of the valley of Air in Yorkshire, England. It was the offspring of a probably crossed hard-working Terrier with an Otterhound. It was classified separately for the first time for the exhibitions, in 1879, but he/she didn't settle down definitively for the exhibitions until the years 30, the Airedales were introduced in EE UU in volume at 1910. “Thief” expert and hunter of ducks, it can also be trained for hunting with shotgun and he/she is a splendid guardian. From their beginnings he/she has carried out multitude of tasks that go from working so much in the British army as in Russian, to act as messenger and collector of money for the Red Cruz and I eat dog it patrols for the rail police. It seems that it has lost their niche like guardian from the German Shepherd's emergency. 
Character and taken care   
The multitaskings Airedale are a good election for the big fond of the Terriers that want a bigger dog. As company animal, it is good with the children, extremely loyal and, in spite of their size, he/she seems to adapt well to the quite reduced space (whenever he/she carries out a lot of exercise). he/she will Need, however that he/she is fixed the hair by hand twice a year, if one has the intention of exhibiting it. 


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