The Dog Ainu, also well-known as the Rok­kaido, Kyushu or Dog Ochi, dc proceeds the mountainous region, in the Japanese island of Hokkaido and have been take there by the Ainus when they emigrated he/she makes thousands of years. It has changed little from their arrival, and with their small and heavy body, it is said that he/she looks like each other more to the varieties of Scandinavian Spitz than to other races Japanese Spitzs, as the Akita. Of physical half and strong size, the Ainu is a guardian dog and hunter that he/she behaves well at home. 
Character and cares 
In spite of their long history like work race, the Ainu combines its paper of company animal ideally with that of hunter. Intelligent and with desires of being trained, it is ferociously faithful and affectionate toward a considered master. 

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