As their reserved oriental expression he/she suggests us, the Afghan Harrier is an old race, according to the legend one of the animals that were on board No's Ark in the times of the flood was. This member of the family Greyhound, possibly related with the Saluki, it has existed certainly during centuries. Their ascendancies found the one on the way to some way from their native country Persia (Iran) to Afghanistan, where the race without a doubt developed its long and fleecy mantel to support the hard climatic conditions. Their speed and resistance mean that, in their native country, it was used to hunt leopards, wolves and jackals. It is only in West where he/she has become a symbol of social power. The first association of the Afghan Harrier was formed in Great Britain in 1926 and, in that same year, it was recognized officially by the American Kennel Club. From then on he/she has become one of the dogs of more popular exhibitions and, in recent years, he/she has also been used as participant in the growing sport of the careers of Afghan.

Character and cares 
The Afghan is elegant, beautiful and affectionate and in general he has good temperament although he doesn't like jokes. It is intelligent, in certain reserved way and he/she needs a lot of exercise. The mantel should be cleaned with a brush of air and at once he/she gets entangled but he/she is taken care with enough and to regulate attention. 


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