True or False?

Beliefs generalized and absurd diffused by Comments of neighbors that “know a great deal you're welcome”.

By their fault and with the best of the intentions, we are able to harm in some moment the health of ours Unconditional friend, committing errors of difficult repair. MASCOTAMIGOS.COM them c ounts some of them.


When the dog has the hot nose and drought, is that has fever


The state of the nose depends on a lot factors: Temperature and environmental humidity, air currents, etc. A dog that have been sited down in a hot place or has gone in car, giving him the sun, can have the dry nose Temporarily. If the animal this dehydrated, also it Will occur. They exist, at the same time, certain wounds of skin that they affect to it splits dark of the nose, or trufa, as the queratosis or the descamaciones, leaving it reseca already for Always. All in all, to touch the nose is not a good method for To know the temperature about a dog. Besides, it suffices to utilize the termometer rectal to obtain the datum without possibility of Failures.

The waterfalls they are produced for the consumption of sweet


The waterfalls they are congenital or acquired. The first more more certain races they suffer them (German Shepherd, Setter...) Among the most most common causes of the ultimas is the diabetes, illness metabolic not directly Related to the consumption of sugars. On the contrary, Its origin is found in specific failures pancreatic. The fact that the dogs take some candy does not conduct necessarily to the diabetes, if the agency of the animal Functions correctly.

The psychological embarrassment owes, not to physical causes, but psychological


A Apparent embarrassment arises as a result of an inconvenience ovárico. Normally, once the ovulación has taken place, the known structures as bodies lúteos, that they produce the hormone of the embarrassment when the dog this pregnant (progesterona), they replace the follicles that they contain the óvulos in development for the next zeal, in case that not have There been crossing. In the psychological embarrassment, the bodies lúteos They continue producing progesterona to three months later. To times, the dog shows the typical symptoms of the embarrassment: Growth of the chests, production of milk. Including the state of spirit suffers changes: returns restless and begins To scratch imaginary nests. Processing exist for to control the psychological embarrassment, that it will prescribe the Veterinary. Eventually, if they are repeated a great deal, there will be that To consider seriously the extirpación of the ovaries.

A healthy dog, should have cubs, al except once in its life


A female this gifted one to be mother of many camadas along its life, but if does not come to have them, Will neither miss them. Evidently, she does not reason with the logical human, neither he is capable of establishing bonds Maternal beyond the destete. Certain cases exist, as that of the psychological embarrassments, in which yes is recommendable that the dog raise to solve the inconvenience ovárico that provokes its alteration; although this solution Is neither infallible.

The dogs do not suffer neverepilepsy


Unfortunately, this functional illness of the Brain enough dogs they suffer it. The signsbegin   suddenly, and they can last since some seconds to various minutes. In this sense, is important that the dogs that they have suffered any type of convulsion they are carried Immediately al veterinario. It agrees to know that the convulsions do not always respond to inconveniences of the system nervous; they can be owed to lack of vitaminas A and B, to a descended of calcium in the blood, to parasites, to high fever.... Once diagnosticado the origin of the convulsions, they are used to to be controlled very well; in certain cases they enlarge and is necessary To sacrifice al dog.

The male with a single testicle they are sterile


Is a matter of a failure in the descent of the testículos during the phase fetal or of lactancia, remaining one of them Inside the abdomen of the animal. The testículos they comply with their function provided that they having a lower temperature to the abdominal cavity. The one that does not descend finds in a medium hotter and, consequently, it produces an esperma not So rich. Its fertility will be, therefore, something more drop of It nor­badly, but is not impeded for procrear with success.

The females are so prone to the infections urinarias as the male


The females are a great deal more prone to those Infections, that the male. The fundamental cause is that the females have uretras shorter than the male. All themselves they lick its sphincters and the female, when is in zeal, and by A question of hygiene, does it constantly. If there is any bacteria merodeando by the environment, the infection it rises quickly and an inflammation of bladder is produced: this cistitis causes orinas frequent and requires processing with antibiotics. If suffers it with a great deal of frequency, will enlarge The risk of developing stones in the bladder. However if is a matter of a male one, the trayecto to the bladder is more long, what it contributes to that the natural defenses of the urethra male they have more time to defeat to the infection.  

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