Calendar of Vaccination

(For Dogs and Cats)

Cats and dogs are the animals of company that with greater facility they are integrated to the family life. On account of this narrow relation, is recommendable that they have a health perfect, not only to prevent possible contagions, but also, to avoid al animal useless sufferings. In first place, barely adopt a dog or a cat (preferably inside the forty-eight hourssig uientes), it is more than advisable to carry it al veterinario so that chequée its health, verify that all is in order and establish a calendar of vaccinations.

· The parvovirosis : This illness is known also with the name of gastroenteritis hemorrágica and is transmitted for a virus seemed al that the It produces in the man, although is not contagious among both. Vómitos And diarrheas are the main symptoms of this badly.

· The rage : Is contagious for the man if bites it or licks a copy affected, and the consequences are terrible. The vaccinates is obligatory in the dogs and indispensable for all those cats that swarm freely and they be in contact with other animal. Can apply in any moment, as of the three months of age; and consists of two dose to be injected with a difference from fifteen days to a month. There is that to administer a vacuna of reinforcement every year.

· The illness of Carré : Affects only to the cubs of dog and its ending is fatal. Owes himself vaccinates to the animal against her among the two and three months of age and to avoid the contact with other animals during the two following weeks to its inoculation.

· The moquillo : Is a species of catarro that they are used to suffering the cubs, and that It can turn out to be fatal or to leave serious sequels neurologics.

                    When Vaccinating

If it has just to acquire a cub, is very important that have present the calendar of vaccination for the health of the animal and its own tranquility:

To the 45 days          For the Parvovirosis

To the 60 days          2° dose of vaccinates against the parvovirosis and the 1ra. dose of the vaccinates against the moquillo.

To the 75 days         3° dose of the vaccinates against the parvovirosis and   dose of the vaccinates against the moquillo.

To The 6 months        vaccinates antirrábic.



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