The Senses of the Animals

The Animal they have different senses to the of the man. To times, they see lights that are invisible for us and they hear sounds inaudibles for Our ears. They know the superpoderes of these incredible bugs.  


A person, to be guided for the life, needs its five senses: view, Smell, heard, flavor and touch. The animals also; only that some they have developed better one or two of them, by adaptation al medium Environment. Example: the topos they live in dark caves and they are almost Blind. They use their supertacto to find the food. The tiburón uses its superolfato to follow the trace of the fish. 

We see Who is it emphasized in each sense. The bald eagle makes out a mouse since an incredible height. Its view is four powerful and sharper times that that of a person. All the fowls of rapiña and the nocturnal (halcones, gavilanes, búhos, owls, etc.), the spiders, the libélulas, the ranas, the pulpos and The calamares.

A polilla male can detect to its couple, with its antennae, to almost eight Kilometers of distance. But only it can distinguish certain type of Smell on the other hand, the dogs are very sensitive to very different smells. A sabueso can follow the trail of a fragrance that has four days of antiquity The membrana of its nose, that detects the smells, is Fifty greater times that that of the humans.

The common owl listens to the most minimum displacements of mice and Musarañas, its main prey. On the other hand, mamíferos as the deer and the antílopes they move their ears toward before, while They eat, to detect to their enemies. And the mosquitos they have, in place of ears, sensors that permit them to perceive the aleteo of the Females. What do noise that they do!

The Felinos they have the touch very developed. They use their moustache, and the pelitos that they leave them in the mentón and upon the eyes, a great deal more than Their legs. This type of sense is very common in the animals of nocturnal activity, and permits them to have an idea of what surrounds them, To be communicateed among them and to find food.

For Some animals, smell and flavor is the same thing. The snakes smell "Savoring" the air with their tongue bífida. The mamíferos, on the other hand, they have the receptores of both senses By separated. But nobody exceeds to the insects. These they need to identify the flavors to distinguish the pleasant food and Poisonous. The flies, mariposas and bees They have receptores of flavor in their legs.


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