We save to the Turtles

      Fauna in Extinction

When we speak of animals in danger of extinction, almost always we think about animals exotic that live in far away places of our city. But there is other that they are well you known by us. To many it pleases us to have tortugas, and when we acquire a we think about his cares but also they should think if is good for they to live with we is a matter of mascotas very popular, since they seem not to require so many cares. But it hunts it and the illegal commerce it carried to that, In some countries they be in danger of extinction. The natural diet of the tortugas is difficult of achieving in captivity. If they receive bad diet, they suffer from some illnesses, as salmonerosis, that they can infect us. By this, when are in rare captivity time exceed the three years of life; while in their Hábitat they can live to forty years.

  An adequate one captivity

If already we have a, démosle the best possible house. With good ground and places Of sun and of shadow, where be able hibernar the Cold months. And always, and we consult al veterinario By its diet.

  The giants

There is some 300 species of quelonios; but the biggest is the tortuga gigantic of Galápagos, a terrestrial species that can come to weigh more than 215 Kilograms. Today it is protected, but counts on very few exemplary.

  Tortugas Nadadoras

Some turtles, as the Galápagos American, rare time they move away of the water. They eat renacuajos and insects and then they are done herbivorous. The females put their eggs in the coasts. You raise they leave them of their nests without aid and they are directed al water. In some cases, the species is protected carrying the eggs to incubadoras special and, after two years of cares, they are put in liberty.


 We protect to this species in danger

These they are some of the things that they can do to protect to the tortugas:

*        Not we buy tortugas of ground neither babies neither adult. All they are brought of their place of origin, and is lie when they tell us that were born in captivity.

*         Not we buy shells dissected, neitherornamental combs       

       or Dijes elaborate with these animals.

*        Not we consummate meat neither eggs of tortugas.

*        We avoid to travel during the night by the beaches where

        the Females arrive to nest.

*        Not we throw trash al sea or in the beaches. This is able Obstaculizar the process of desove.

If we want to have a pet,

we consult before. In the direction of fauna of our city they will tell us which are they the species whose sale is prohibited. Many times offer us in you trade, and still in veterinarys, Species in danger of extinction.

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