The Jerbos they are roedores small very well adapted to the life of the Deserted. They have the long queue with a mechón of hairs in the tip, the legs traseras are very well developed and they tend to jump And to run. They can free the queue if they are taken Incorrectly, but rare time they bite.

They are animal very active and playful, so much during the day as in the night for which its cage should be VERY spacious, of smooth fund, and not of rejilla, (therefore they can be injured the queue and the legs), and is good to put them pipes of cardboard or wood so that they can be hidden, As well as also abundande viruta for their nests. The cage owes to be to test of escapes since the Jerbos they are able roer or to jump the Cage. Them it pleases to be given baths of ground for which, is recommendable that, if itself it arranges of space, its lodging have from five to ten centimeters of ground in its fund, (ideal would be, 70% of ground common and 30% of viruta, (that should be white and not of woods dealt with chemists of no type, to riezgo of causing a mortandad) although this "viruta", also arrives at to be formed alone with it splits exterior of the seeds of girasol that it is one of its food preferred, or with cardboards that they same roerán until almost they disappear mixed with the ground), since pleases them to dig and to do madrigueras, To sleep. The cones of cardboard of the sanitary paper, or of the rollos of kitchen, that always they go to the trash, they will be a great one diversion for them, and besides al to become few minutes in cardboard stung, they exercise their teeth, and alivianan, the quality of the Floor adding heat to the ground. They need space, therefore, they are used to to run from a side to another, to great velocity, and they suffer for ésto in The small spaces. They are social and they live well in groups, although A group already established is used to attacking to a new member.

They should have water and fresh food available all the time, but is not nacesario to give them water, if not you leave them to lack vegetables that contain liquids, as zanahorias, zapallitos, pepinos, (NOT perejil, apio, onions, neither garlic), fruits as melón, ciruelas, manzanas, etc. (never Cítricos). They please them all the grains and the vegetables, you are able them to give bread and to some granite of the balanced food of dogs and cats, therefore contributes them vitaminas and pleases them roer, alone that them It provokes more thirst!

Is recommendable that they live in couple, since they are used to acicalarse mutually, and to be done mimos, or to sleep apretaditos the one al another (or the one upon the other), when they feel common to see, that while one sleeps, the other It higieniza.

They can arrive at to have eight you raise, that as opposedded to the hamsters, they are laboriously you taken care of by father and mother, equally, and is not rare that the couple still is taking care of the camada previous, and already have new You drink!

If you have in your house one, or various environments that can leave free of cats or dogs, doors al exterior, or rejillas large in the floor, free it/you some times to the week, and you will see that is very amusing for the/they and for you, and besides is very easy to return them to their habitáculo, therefore alone they will walk near your feet, and although themselves they are used to hiding behind and under the heladera, of the table of the Tv. or of the kitchen, their curiosity is able more than they and an and another time they leave, they look at you, they jump, they run, if you are sited down in a chair Under itself they rise you to the head, and if you are stopped to the feet. (you owe to be attentive to not step them)

< Eating pipas of jirasol.

< To the extreme left "sleeping the siesta"

< Here al side to the left, there are three jerbos (one sight, one runs, and the third appears the head of the cave) 

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