"Hamster" that signifies to accumulate, being referred to the custom that they have these roedores of keeping the food in some bags bucales calls abazones and of joining Provisions in its madrigueras. Is a good animal for mascota since is tranquil, docile and Not it produces unpleasant smells. Its activity develops in the late and night, not they tolerate the sun for which the cage should be Maintained to the shadow. They are seen very benefited al to put them a wheel of exercise in their cage, being able to travel through kilometers in a Night. They are mamíferos roedores of the family of the cricetidos, they measure around 15 to 20 centimeters, their body is strong and stocky, the pelaje is red living in the spine And negruzco in the womb. They are customary preferably nocturnal and they live in galleries that they same excavate, arriving at depths of to two meters; they are very clean, they have short queue, sharp teeth and in their Mofletes they keep food for ingerirla later. They live on 3 to 4 years. They are utilized frequently in the laboratories for investigations scientific above all in which they refer to the studies of the cancer, Of the injertos and of the functions endocrinas. The best hour for to feed them is at night, since as we said before they are of habits nocturnal, they utilize its forward legs to eat, is advisable To give them balanced food, fruits and vegetables. Its sexual maturity is among the quarter and the sixth week of life, the hard gestation some 15 days, And they can come to have some 8 to 12 you raise for time. You raise they are born them Without hair, after the first week will begin to grow. Maman The milk of its mothers during the first week. If you want to raise them, hold them With the two hands, but not you press you therefore will do them damage. Treats that its cage or pecera be comfortable with rampas, stairs and play, that have a heavy plate for the food and a bottle of water, something hard for roer and abundant aserrín to absorb the excrements and To give heat to the animals. The cage should have good ventilation and is ideal that be high so that they can climb, they should be cleaned daily and to disinfect once to the week, mainly because they tend to join food behind Of the nest, the one that can be broken down. In the soil can be put Viruta or paper stung. They spread to roer and to be escaped for which the cage should be to test of Hámster, and as its teeth they grow in continuous form is good to provide pieces Of wood so that they erode them. The Hámster they are omnívoros, although they eat grains, fruits and roots of Preference. A commercial diet of food can be utilized peletizados, although these not they are consumed if they are mixed with Seeds. The semilas as it amaze, corn, nueces and almonds very well they are accepted, but when constitute an unique diet predisponen to illnesses since they have a great deal of grease and few Nutrientes and they owe been given like prize, not as food. The vitamina C should also be supplemented with the administration of fruits as naranja, kiwi or mandarina, taking care of of retiring the remainders for That not they break down. In natural state are solitary animals, condition that is maintained in captivity since they tend to fight and to be bitten especially al to join a male one with a female out of the period reproductivo, although individuals of the same sex can be maintained juntos, they owe To be separated al first indication of mordeduras.

Mom hamster and its babies.

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