They are mamíferos of the family of the lepóridos, in general not they measure more from 40 to 50 centimeters, and does not surpass the 3 kilograms of weight; but now they are more diffused like mascotas the varieties miniaturas, which they develop to approximately,  the 20 cms., and they weigh in average, 1 Kilogram. they live around 6 to 9 years. The wild rabbit lives in forests and fields generally are of color gray and enough seemed to the liebre, is prolífico and voraz, lives in couple in madrigueras; on the other hand the rabbit domestic it derives from the previous one and they have been selected already more than 50 varieties, with pelaje and dimensions variadísimas. It it is exploited industrially as object of taking advantage of the meat, the skin and The hair. Among the producing races of meat is able to name the Flandes, the Normanda, that of Borgoña and other; among the producers of skin the rabbit is emphasized Chinchilla, that of Champaña, and the distinct races of white rabbits; the race of Angora is the only producer Of hair. The rabbits delay little in being domesticated, they are bored quick, they need to do a great deal of exercise and to have always something for roen The ears of the rabbit should be moved toward the small noises, the nose should be in constant Movement and the moustache are tactile organs. Their teeth are sharp and they grow constantly, their food is of herbs, leaves of tree, zanahoria and cabbages, will owe it him to give twice for day, also they need fresh straw each so much, and its food can be mixed with milk or water, its agency himself hidrata through the food that consumes, So almost not it needs to take water. Its cage of wood ó of metal should be enough extensive, very clean, to have straw in the floor, and not to have demasiadas things inside, since are large animals and pleases them curiosear and to be moved quickly; when them yourself remove of its place should take them of the ears, and to maintain them of the legs with firmness, therefore they become accustomed to kick with strength if they are frightened, trying To escape. The rabbits reproduce themselves with great facility, and they are able to come to have but of 10 you raise; the female of the rabbit it starts some smooth hairs of its estomago to mount its Nest, and thus to maintain hot to its small you raise.

Races of Rabbits

What is it needed to raise rabbits?


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