Guinea Pigs

They are mamíferos roedores of the family of the cávidos, originarios of the Peru, where they were utilized in the antiquity in the diet Of the native populations. In Europe was introduced in the Century. XVI and is utilized in great how animal scale of laboratory In investigations. They measure some 30 centimeters, they have the body collected, short legs and They lack queue. They are very prolíficos, tranquil, timid and easy of domesticating, they live in conejeras that they should be cleaned very well a Or twice for week. These they should be of resistant wood, or of. Thick glasses. When them they clean they should remove the straw, and the aserrín Dirty and to change them the water of the containers each two days.  

They live From 5 to 7 years. They need a large space and aired where to live to do exercise during the day, and a hot and dry zone To sleep at night. Its diet consists of grains and Hortalizas green as the zanahoria and the knee. Besides they need Of the vitamina C to avoid to contract illnesses. Its food, itself it can mix with water or milk and two rations by day.  should be given

There is cobayos of long hair and of short hair, both should be brushed Frequently, especially in the apoca of mute. To the four months it is apt to be reproduced and the hard gestation some 70 days, you raise them al to be born are covered with hair and its ears and eyes are open, after an hour the really to run, and al tip of the two days already they will be able to eat food solid.  They are very disorderly and they tend voltear the plates, defecar and orinar in the water and the food, for which is recommended to administer water in Bottles of beverage. So much the box, plates and water should be maintained clean and they should be in a tranquil place and to the shadow, since not they tolerate well the heat as well as neither the humidity Very high.


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