The Ardillas not they are presisamente the mascota ideal to have inside a cage, but a great deal of people that lives in rural zones, knows that this funny animalito, is used to "autoadoptarse", since not it wastes no opportunity in which himself it offer food, and still of taking it without permission, when this be found to its reach, although went not for her, but for a dog, for a bird, or for any another Mascota of the house.

Ardilla Red Ardilla Common Ardilla Gray

  The ardilla red of America, (the call Chickaree), besides being the more pe­queño of the components of the vast family of the esciúridos, is perhaps the more funny, it organizes its life to state of the following one esque­ma: Three types of house, two types of warehouses. In an environment frequented by the zorra and where not they lack rapaces diurnal and nocturnal, can turn out to be useful to change improvisadamente of shelter and not to be left to see for its old one Purple. Duringand   summer, it can be sufi­ciente a nest abandoned, submitted to which­quier repair and adaptation; during the night itself resguarda of rocío in a true nest, in winter for the long dream Semiletárgico has enough with the hole of a tree. Every ardilla has at your service some inhabits­ciones Of each type. The warehouses are of two classes, but numerous: some they are small, they contain a ration of sufficient food for a day, the other notably greater, they are filled in autumn with a quantity of provisions sufficient to leave to elapse without worries­ciones the Winter and the first months of the spring. Of any way they are tantas these reservations, that there is who has thought that the ardillas they intended to transform into Viveros of plants, for the repoblación forestal.

The ardiIIa gray has understood that the mo­lestias of the life Wild they could be avoided with the I transfer to the city.

The Ardillas they are fed Of nueces, piñones, bellotas, and avellanas. They are animalitos hiperactivos, that they need a great space to live, by which not they are mascotas that they can be had in a cage, without to cause them a sadness such, that often carries them to the death, since is very frequent that, al to be seen in captivity They be denied to eat until dying.

<< Here they are able To appreciate to the ardilla Korean.

These ardillas are like the remainder of their congéneres, extremely restless, they measure some 15 cms. and they have lists of color something more Dark since their head to the queue. That of the photograph, is called "Gordilla" and It sent it us Myriam.

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